We welcome you to the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Thika’s website, an online
platform for the Diocese that has been the idea for our communications and we are glad that we
never lost sight of it.
The diocese’s headquarters are in Thika Town off Kenyatta Avenue and opposite Munene
Industries. Her jurisdiction covers formerly Thika District’s administrative boundaries including
the following sub-counties, Gatanga, Gatundu North, Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Ruiru,
Thika, Juja and parts of Maragwa in Kirimiri and Mithiini parishes.
The First Diocesan Bishop was the Rt. Rev Dr. Gideon Gichuhi Githiga who was Consecrated
and enthroned on 31 st January, 1999.
He served until his retirement on 25 th August, 2013 and was succeeded by The Rt. Revd. Dr. Julius
Wanyoike who was consecrated and enthroned on 8 th September, 2013.




St Luke’s Bookshop is a project of Thika Diocese founded in the year 2001 as an investment project. Initially, the bookshop was dealing in Christian books and stationeries, but later diversified to assorted Educational Materials for Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Institutional of higher Education, Clergy Vestments, Alter Wine (Church Wine) Elements (wafers), Printing Services in terms of small and Large quantities and ..


Queen Esther Uniform Shop

Queen Esther shop is a Diocesan Mothers’ Union project of ACK Diocese of Thika. The Shop is located at Kwame Nkrumah Street, 1st corridor after consolidated bank, next to Pushpa building opposite Sawa House.
Diocesan Mothers’ Union Department started this Project in year 2016 as an income generating activity with an aim of:

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Bishop Githiga gardens

The diocese has built three units and one by the Mothers’ Union department as part of offering housing services to workers in Thika Town. These are rental houses which are an income generating project to the diocese and the Mothers’ Union department. These units are situated opposite Nampak Industry along Kenyatta Avenue.

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ACK Bishop Njuguna academy

Bishop Njuguna Academy is a day primary school which is a project of ACK Diocese of Thika.
Ven. George Gitau, Vicar St. Andrew’s Church, requested Bishop George Njuguna to allow him
start the school and be named after him. Bishop Njuguna agreed on the request and hence it
became a diocesan institution.
Bishop Njuguna academy is a mixed, day, Christian based school located in Thika Town, near
Thika High School along Kenyatta Highway.


ACK St Peters’ Kiganjo Academy

The ACK St. Peters Kiganjo Academy Primary School is an ordinary educational institution in
Kiganjo, Thika Municipality.
The desire to have their children receive education that was more than ordinary, an Education
integrated with Christian values drove the worshippers of ACK St. Peter’s Kiganjo church led by
Revd Gad Karanja to start a church

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Murata CBO is a project of the ACK Diocese of Thika. The home was established in 2004 to cater for the rising number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) living in deprived environments not conducive. The home is meant to enable these children lead empowered and dignified lives.



Christian Industrial Training College (CITC) Thika is a middle-level College that was established in 1972 as a project of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Thika Diocese.
CITC is registered and licensed under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as MOHEST/PC/1880/012.
The college is also accredited as both a training and examination center under Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

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