Bishop Njuguna Academy is a day primary school which is a project of ACK Diocese of Thika.
Ven. George Gitau, Vicar St. Andrew’s Church, requested Bishop George Njuguna to allow him start the school and be named after him. Bishop Njuguna agreed on the request and hence it became a diocesan institution.
Bishop Njuguna academy is a mixed, day, Christian based school located in Thika Town, near Thika High School along Kenyatta Highway.
It was started in 1994 as a nursery school sponsored by the ACK church. It was named after the then Bishop of Mt Kenya South ACK Diocese.
It then grew to a top Ranked primary school with two streams for each class and managed by top of the line teachers. Our goal is to develop young minds to be the best in the Country academically and under Christian principles and foundation.
The school has enjoyed excellence over the years being ranked among the top 10 best performing schools in Kiambu County for the past years.
We offer Chinese and Computer Classes in addition to the subjects required under the Kenyan law and continue to outshine others in these areas.
To provide quality and affordable education.
To uplift the standards of our school and produce children who can compete with others
To provide education based on the Education Act and induce basic Christian doctrine to our
future leaders