Since the Church has such a great role then the Mission and Evangelism department has an enormous duty to facilitate the Church to effectively carry out her mission. This department’s task include: spreading the good news to all, Church planting, reaching out the unchurched, social work (like feeding the hungry), recruiting and training missioners (i.e. equipping people for mission work).

The Diocese of Thika was curved from Mt. Kenya South and Mt. Kenya Central. It started with 21 parishes and 26 Clergy with Canon Mutonga as the Bishop’s Commissary and The Archbishop Gitari as the Bishop until January 1999. On 2nd July 1998 the Standing Committee of Synod met under the Chairmanship of the Archbishop Gitari, during this meeting 4 more parishes were added to the previous 21, namely: Gatunyu, Nyamang’ara, Thamuru and Gathaiti.

The following have been the Mission and evangelism Coordinators:

  1. Ven. Patrick     Mukuna
  2. Rev. Michael     Githire
  3. Ven. John     Wanjihia
  4. Rev. George    Mburu
  5. Ven. Canon John Mbuthia
  6. Rev. Samuel M. Ng’ang’a
  7. Rev. Mary    Mwangi

Chairpersons for mission and evangelism

  1. Mr. John Wesley Chege
  2. Lay Canon Solomon Mbuthia
  3. Mr. Nathaniel     Gaitho
  4. Ven. Joseph Wanyoike

Linked churches

Not many of our parishes were strong at the inception of our Diocese, thus most of the Churches needed some support. Where Anglican Church was not well established demanded that some Missioners be sent to support congregations in ministerial development. The following Churches were linked:

  1. Gitwe        Mr. James     Kirika
  2. Gatundu    Mr. Wilfred    Kamami (deceased)
  3. Kirwara    Mr. Huruko     Njau
  4. Gatunyu    Lay canon    Mbuthia
  5. Kanyoni    Mr. Abraham     Mburu
  6. Rwegetha    Mr. John Michael
  7. Swani        Mr. Nathaniel    Gaitho

Other churches that were linked were: Ithanga, Kirimiri, Thungururu, Mithi-ini and Ndabatabi while these Parishes were missioners: Kiarutara, Cathedral, and Thika Memorial.


Church planting

Some remarkable achievements are: Through the work of Mission Kiunyu Church, Gitwe Mundoro and Giatutu (her members were from PCEA) Churches were founded.  Bishop Githiga was at the centre of this mission work and in most of these crusades he was amongst the Key speakers for example in Gitwe and Mundoro.


Motor Bikes

Mobility: when the Diocese began there were only 13 Clergy and the Bishop, who had vehicles, majority of the clergy used Bicycles and public means. Because of the challenges of mobility in the lower side of the Diocese, Ithanga area, some members of the Standing Committee of Synod donated 8 Motor Bikes. These members include:

  1. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Gideon Githiga
  2. Mr. Z. J. Mwangi
  3. Lay Canon Solomon Mbuthia
  4. Mr. Solomon Gichina
  5. Mr. Nathaniel Gaitho
  6. St. Andrew’s Cathedral Thika
  7. Thika Memorial Church
  8. Record with the Diocese

Collaboration with Church Army

We have worked very closely with Carlile College, as they have been sending us missioners during the mission Sunday and trained the mission team.

Formation of diocesan mission team 

The department has a mission team inclusive of the intercessors who has been trained by the Church Army staff and made ready for the ministry.

Support to the Mission Parishes

The mission and evangelism has been supporting these parishes: Mithi-ini sub-parish, Kirimiri and Gitwe. This support has boosted them such that they are able to pay the rest of their allocation with fewer difficulties. However, the Department cannot claim that it has done its best because to some extent we are limited by finances. This is because there more parishes that require our support. Namely: Matunda, Thungururu and Kiganjo West (Kianjau Church).

Engagement in holistic ministry

The department has been responding to the needy through giving relief food. This has been done to Ithanga people during dry seasons.

Annual Mission 

August has been the month when most of the Parishes do their mission though Parishes are free to do Mission at their convenience. Mission is also taking a new dimension where different groups converge at the cathedral for teachings according to their needs. This was done this year as we celebrated the 20th Anniversary; the same will continue but shall be done in form of conventions at the Archdeaconry level.